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Welcome to It's A Dog's House where your best friend enjoys a vacation while you are away. They enjoy clean country air where they run free in a fenced park-like setting. They stay in the house with no cages which decreases stress.

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Vet Recommended

Vets agree: a cage-free environment reduces stress on your pet when you're away, and promotes a healthy social life for your best friend.


Located at only 10 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport, your pet gets to enjoy the fresh air of the country, while being close from your potential departure point.


Although our door is always open for your best friend, make sure to book in advance. We ask that all owners bring their pets for a preliminary visit to our grounds before they are accepted.


Give your best friend a vacation while you're away!


Make sure to review our FAQ

Welcome to It’s A Dog’s House where your dog is welcomed into our friendly home where s/he is treated like one of the family. It’s A Dog’s House has been taking care of dogs since 1998. The guests sleep in the dog family room where they enjoy a “sleepover” with a wonderful group of friends. They can even bring their own bed to give them a small taste of home while they stay. The home like atmosphere will help relieve the stress on your pet as there are No Cages.

We relocated to a new location in 2004  to better serve our clients. We now offer over 6 acres of clean country air to all of our guests. During the day they have the opportunity to run and play in the backyard. A lovely grassy, treed area that encloses about 18,000 square feet, which is subdivided.

In inclement weather dogs have access to a portion of a heated garage.

In the summer there will be wading pools and plenty of sprinklers to help keep our guests cool. There will be enough Frisbee and ball toss for everybody to have fun. We also welcome day boarders to give them the chance to burn excess energy while getting plenty of exercise and recreation.

Your dog comes for a holiday so he may come home rather grubby from playing with his friends. You may want to be prepared to bath him or have a groomer booked.

In the spring I have popular trees which shed stickys –these may stick to your dog, it seems that dogs that are clipped have more trouble as they get stuck up worse than others. This happens from mid May into June. ( A groomer advised me that Ivory dish soap works fairly well to remove the sap.)

Rules and Guidelines

Over the years we have gained valuable experience that has helped us create some basic rules and guidelines for accepting dogs. These prerequisites are used to insure a safe and healthy environment for your dogs to live in.

These prerequisites are not only in place for us, but they should also make all pet owners feel at ease. We have over 30 years of medical experience that will aid in any emergency.


There are a limited number of dogs allowed, so it is best to book in advance, especially for major holidays and long weekends as we have limited space.  Christmas is being booked a year in advance. A  non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for all new clients and Christmas/New Year’s.

Documents and Forms

Please contact us first in order to know which documents or forms are pertinent to your case.

Contact / Location

A word of caution we are on the cusp of a hill so I recommend to everyone if you have a lot of traffic behind you as you come out of Leduc pull over and let everyone pass you as you have to turn Left to get into my driveway.
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